New to my beauty stash!

Hi there! Hope you’re all doing well. The beginning of this month was such a nightmare, I moved houses and I still feel like I’m not entirely settled, but I’m getting there. Moving was such a revelation, in more ways than one. I realized just how much stuff I have. I’m talking major, MAJOR hoarding. I was initially scarred to the point that I swore off any more shopping – clothes-wise. That resolve is slowly crumbling (linen shirts, anyone?) but let me show you what I bought WITHIN the rules – bath and beauty goodies from The Body Shop and Fabindia!

The Body Shop Rainforest Balance shampoo is an old favourite of mine. Before I get into this, here’s a quick lowdown of what my hair is like: I have naturally straight hair, which is quite fine but I have lots of it so volume at the ends is not a problem. It’s the roots which become intolerable within a day of washing (sometimes even the same day!), and the greasiness tends to wear my hair down overall. I recently got highlights but I don’t specifically buy shampoo and conditioner formulated for coloured hair, I’ll just pick up anything that promises volume.


I have tried SO many shampoos over the last couple of months. This range didn’t really stand out – my hair is still miserable by the end of day two – but the reason I’ve repurchased this is the fragrance. It just smells so fresh and natural. It has a really lovely scent, and it’s not sweet or floral. I can’t seem to describe it better. If you have used this range, help me out!

Like I said, I like my hair to be light and have a lot of movement. So for the last couple of months, I’ve actually skipped conditioner and just stuck to shampoo. I find conditioner makes my hair quite flat while I’m a fan of beachy waves. However I did pick up the The Body Shop Rainforest Balance conditioner to go with this shampoo because I guess I’m doing my hair damage in the long run. I really like the conditioner, it’s easier to wash off than regular conditioners and it does the job. I do wish it had the exact same scent though. It doesn’t smell anything like the shampoo. It’s quite weird. But hey, I can still smell the shampoo once I’ve washed my hair, so I don’t mind!


I also picked up the The Body Shop Frosted Plum Sugar Scrub. I was on the lookout for a body scrub and the criterion for my bath products is basically they should smell nice. I sniffed all the body polishes and scrubs they had at TBS in R-City and I liked this one the best – it’s not overpowering and it smells absolutely divine. It might just be too sweet for some, so make sure you give it a sniff before purchasing. I haven’t tried this yet, but will let you know my thoughts!

Lastly, I picked up the Charcoal Face Pack from Fabindia. Okay so a bit of background into why I wanted an activated charcoal face pack. I have a very oily t-zone and as recent as a year ago, I had quite horrific adult acne. Not all over my face, but the pimples and boils I got (and still do) just did not go away, no matter what I did. I still use a salicylic acid face wash, clindamycin and retinoids on a regular basis to keep my acne in check. I have very sensitive skin so most products and procedures like clean-ups don’t suit me and tend to break me out. So I was reading online as to what I can use to reduce blackheads. I guess the only way to really remove them is through a clean-up, but seeing as that isn’t an option for me,  the next best thing seems to be a clay or charcoal face pack to help suck out the impurities from your pores. And that’s how this face pack landed up in my shopping cart.


I haven’t tried it yet because, honestly, I’m scared. But fingers crossed! Let’s see how it goes. Also, this smells like lemongrass, in case you were wondering, and not tar. (It sure looks like tar though. I’ll be sure to upload a selfie on my instagram when I use this. That should be a laugh. Keep your eyes peeled for that!)

Have you tried any of these products? Would you like to? What are your current bath and body staples? Let me know! Until next time! x

Products mentioned:

  • The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo – INR 795
  • The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Conditioner- INR 795
  • The Body Shop Frosted Plum Sugar Scrub – INR 1595
  • Fabindia Charcoal Face Pack – INR 350

8 thoughts on “New to my beauty stash!

    1. it does, doesn’t it! i almost dont want to use it, i just want to keep it on a shelf and smell is from time to time haha.. oooh i still have to try the fabindia face pack out! good to know you like it 🙂


    1. hey Priyanka! it does look amazing doesnt it!? the smell lingers on your skin a bit, almost like you’ve put on a lightly fragranced moisturizer.. it isnt very strong but i quite like it x try it out, i think these sugar scrubs are on 50% off at the moment if you’re a member! x


  1. Aditi I too have picked up this shampoo and conditioner as I also suffer from the same problem of oily hair.I had heard a lot of people rave about this shampoo and conditioner but I didnt see any drastic improvement.Loved your haul..


    1. oh I’m sorry it didn’t work for you, my hair definitely needs a pick-me-up by the middle of the day two when i use this combination. i think i’ve resigned to the fact that my scalp will never be non-greasy on day two haha! x


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