June Favourites!

Hi everyone! Hope July is treating you well so far. I can’t believe 2016 is halfway gone! I thought that I would do a Favourites post today, because there are some things I’ve been loving lately and I find these posts fun to read as well, so here we go!


I’ll start off with non-beauty favourites. I recently saw Me Before You and I quite enjoyed it. It’s predictable and a chick-flick down to its very core, but that didn’t stop me from loving it. I like romantic movies in general, plus the fact that Sam Claflin is gorgeous doesn’t hurt. Emilia Clarke was fantastic in the movie, she is such a brilliant actress. I don’t watch Game of Thrones (yes, yes you have every right to be appalled!) so this was the first time I’d seen her in any movie or TV show.


Also, the background score of the movie is amazing. There’s ‘Not Today’ by Imagine Dragons which is so lovely. But ‘Unsteady’ is what I have playing on repeat. I do love violins and the entire orchestra playing in the background so this song is such a treat for me. Love it! Definitely give it a listen if you haven’t already. Go now. I’m serious. Wait, go after reading this post. Or play it in the background! Okay, let’s move on.

Talking of music, I needed a basic Bluetooth speaker so I went for the tried and tested JBL Go and it’s worth every penny. I got it off of Amazon for roughly 40% off (which worked out to roughly Rs 1700) and it’s safe to say that I’m very happy with my purchase. I’m all about that bass (’bout that bass, no treble.. haha sorry!) so I wish the bass was a teensy bit more enhanced maybe? But at this price, I’m not complaining!

Okay let’s get to the beauty stuff now! 😀

First up, following from my previous post, I have to mention the Benefit Gimme Brow. This is a tinted eyebrow gel that comes with a little spoolie, so you brush it through your eyebrows and it adds a bit of colour as well as shape, and holds your brows in place. My brows are quite sparse, so I love that this adds a bit of definition. I usually use this in conjunction with my Maybelline Fashion Brow pencil and I love the combination of the two! I have the shade medium/deep in this brow gel.


My second favourite is this blush pink bowling bag from Zara. I absolutely adore this bag, I like that it’s not too pink (pink isn’t really up there among my favourite colours but I like a bit of blush and dusty pink hues) and the black lining makes me feel like I can get away with wearing this with black shoes as well. The only downside is that it doesn’t have any compartments – yup, you open the main zipper and that’s it! But I think it’s alright for the price, it’s spacious and it’s a good size for me, given I’m quite petite. I can just barely get away with slinging over one shoulder.



Next up we have the BBlunt Back to Life Dry Shampoo. I’ll have a full review of this coming up soon (unless procrastination gets the better of me!) but in a nutshell – this stuff gets the job done and with minimal white residue which is always a plus! I use a bit of this even the day I’ve washed my hair because it adds a bit of texture as well. I’m halfway through this can and I’ll definitely be repurchasing, unless of course, you guys suggest another dry shampoo? *innocent look*

Lastly I have to throw in the L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes mascara. It’s priced a bit steep at 850 bucks, but it gives your lashes a lovely fanned out look which is so flattering, and it’s good if you have straight lashes because it adds a bit of a curl as well.

If you’ve done a favourites post I’d love to read it, or you can put in what you’ve been loving in a comment below and I’ll go and buy all of it. What? I didn’t say anything.


18 thoughts on “June Favourites!

  1. wooohaaa..i love that bag and i want it so badlyy… I have heard good reviews about loreal mascara and am wanting to try it but i always end up getting some other brands 😀


    1. you should get it! there’s a white version of it as well if pink isnt up your street 🙂 definitely try the loreal one sometime, you wont be disappointed! x


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