Red nails make me happy

I caught a horrendous cold and ended up having to miss work today. You know you’re seriously ill if you have to take a day off on a Friday. The fact that my colds never seem to go away only adds to the fun of it all. Anyway, I’ve kicked in the medicines and hopefully I’ll feel better in time to enjoy the weekend!

So let’s get to the point of this post. I’m a neutrals girl through and through. More often than not, you’ll find me wearing a classic white or black top with jeans and I like to add some colour in through accessories, scarves or occasionally, even makeup rather than my actual outfit. Sometimes a pink lip or red nails is my way of jazzing up an outfit. I don’t wear too much red as such clothes-wise – I have two oxblood tops (I love oxblood!) and a plaid shirt which is dark red and navy – but that’s about it for the red in my wardrobe. I do, however, adore red nail polish. I have five – yes, five – different reds. And they are all different. I swear they are. And I love each one of them.

maybelline-color-show-paint the town red swatch

Today’s post is on the latest addition to my red nail polish collection. I didn’t know Maybelline has done a range in the ColorShow polishes called ‘Big Apple Reds’ which is evidently a new range of some 5-6 red nail polishes. You can imagine my excitement when I found out though. I had gone to the mall with the intent of buying a blue-based red nail polish. Between warmer and cool-toned reds, I am definitely a fan of the more blue-based reds, whether we’re talking lips or nails. I just find them so flattering. The shade R1 – Paint the Town Red was exactly what I was looking for. It’s a classic red, but definitely on the slightly cool-toned end of the spectrum. And it is absolutely gorgeous.

maybelline-paint the town red

I do have a love-hate relationship with nail polish. Sometimes there are days on end that I can’t be bothered to paint my nails at all. Right now though, I seem to be in a “yes, gimme some statement manicures” phase. But before I reentered this phase, I hadn’t worn nail polish for months because I also like the look of clean unpainted nails.

‘Paint the Town Red’ applies like a dream and dries super-fast so you can paint your nails at night and not worry about having fabric impressions from your bedsheet on your nails in the morning. I’ve had this on my nails the whole week, and there is minimal chipping. At this price, I can find absolutely no fault with it. And the shade is so beautiful. I know I’ve already said that haha!

What’s your go-to red? Or if you aren’t that big a fan of red nails, let me know what your favourite nail polish is!

Products mentioned:

Maybelline ColorShow Nail Polish Big Apple Reds – R1 Paint the town red.

Price: INR 145


38 thoughts on “Red nails make me happy

  1. I rarely put polish on my nails now but I do love red. I have guy friends who once told me that red nails on girls are sexy. 🙂



  2. Love that shade of red! I agree with you on a love/hate relationship with nailpolish! I find that no matter what I do it chips within the day – even when I get a professional nail shellac put on! I don’t wear it too much anymore, but if I did I’d totally love that colour!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge


  3. Aditi red nails and red lips make me feel happy and confident I have so many red nail paints that I have even lost count of the.Loved this red nail paint . Would definitely try it out.


    1. i’m definitely headed down the same path of having too many to count. i havent even started on the shimmer ones yet haha. do give it a go, i’m sure it’ll suit you x


  4. I hope you’re feeling better, beautiful! I’ve found vitamin D3 5000 IU incredibly helpful in preventing colds, it really boosts the immune system tremendously! As for the red nails, I always love the look of them! I feel they make such a statement and to an entire look, too, which I find pretty cool! This shade is so pretty! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week ahead, beauty!




    1. thank you so much Jalisa, i actually have a couple of vitamin D supplements lying about somewhere but i’m so lazy – i’m definitely going to make an effort now though 🙂 i completely agree that red nails can add so much to a look! x


  5. I hope you feel better! Colds seem to always have a way of popping up when they are least wanted. You know, when we actually have things to do?! (; Sometimes red nails make you feel a little powerful. Own it girl! I rock a lot of reds in the fall. (:


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