An Abundance of Rouge: My Red Nail Polish Collection

When in doubt, wear red. I love me some red nail polish and as you will see, I am quite adept at finding minute differences between shades of red. Those differences are how I justify having four – yes FOUR – reds in my nail polish collection. img_2956

As you can see from the pictures, this post is also (inadvertently) a Maybelline ColorShow nail polish rave. That’s because these polishes are affordable and the formula is pretty great as well. I reckon they’re definitely one of the best in the market at the moment.


(Going in order of the pictures, from left to right)

First up is Paint the Town Red, the latest addition to my stash. I did an entire blog post on how much I love this nail polish so you can check that out here. This red is slightly cool-toned and a shade toned down as opposed to Power of Red (up next), which is what makes me like it more than the latter.

Next up we have the classic red. This one is called Power of Red and it’s the first red I bought. Funnily enough this is my least favourite out of the bunch (I love them all, but if we’re being relative y’know). This is a super bright tomato red and is slightly warm-toned and really makes your nails go ka-pow!

The last two polishes are actually repurchases – I love them so much! Up first we have Downtown Red. This is a deep red almost bordering on wine, but not quite there. This is one red that I feel will work for all complexions, it’s so flattering!

Lastly we have the darkest of the lot, Molten Maroon. This is definitely more wine than red. It’s really vampy and the kind of shade that can look almost black from some angles. I especially love wearing this on my toenails.


As a side note, do you like wearing matte nail polishes? I find them quite tricky to apply but they can look quite nice. I think I’m more of a glossy nails person though.


20 thoughts on “An Abundance of Rouge: My Red Nail Polish Collection

  1. There are always nuances which differentiate a shade of red from another. I say that each time I add a new pair of red heels to my collection. And despite his professed doubt, I do think my husband is finally coming around to the idea GRIN


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