New to my beauty stash – Sep 2016

I’ve been doing some measured shopping online. I say ‘measured’ because recently I was made to feel guilty by a number of parties on the amount of money I blow up every month. So this month, I’ve been a bit more disciplined. Also, I recently mourned throwing away a Body Shop eye cream because it had expired and I had forgotten it existed and had used it only once so I want to make sure I actually use the things I buy.



Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Hair Mask

My hair was relatively pristine until third year of college. I have naturally straight hair so I never really did anything with it. Until I: 1. Got bored. 2. Realized I loved curly hair and 3. Started colouring my hair! Cue the super-hot hair tools, chemical damage due to bleach and just general hair abuse, all of which has started to really take a toll on my hair and so I thought I’d try out a mask to repair some of the damage. I’ve never used a hair mask before, except during hair spas, and I don’t like them as a rule because they weigh my hair down. Heck even conditioner weighs my hair down. But I’m keen to try this mask out; it seems to have really positive reviews! *fingers crossed*


BBlunt High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream

My hair doesn’t hold a curl well at all and that’s really infuriating considering I have pretty thick hair and it takes me ages to curl it properly, after which I can see the curls falling out within minutes and after a while all that’s left is frizz. Hopefully this product will help my curls stay put.


Kiehl’s Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque

This has been on my wishlist since ages. I’m so excited to try this out. It has turmeric (or haldi) which we use in a lot of our homemade face packs anyway but it in addition to that it also has cranberry seeds for exfoliation plus a clay base so that hopefully that’ll help with oil control. I’m so excited to try this out because it’s my first ever Kiehl’s purchase! Eeep! 😀



Vichy Idéal Capital Soleil SPF 50 Sunscreen Fluid

I’ve been using this sunscreen for a while now under my MAC Matchmaster foundation, and I really like it. I don’t think it’s particularly mattifying, but since it applies nicely and my makeup sits well on top of it, I’m happy. It doesn’t leave a white cast and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, also I like that it has a nice fragrance as well though it’s slightly chemical-ly. Overall I enjoy using this which is more than I can say for any sunscreen I’ve used so far, so it’s a winner!



If you follow me on twitter you might have realized that I’m going through a bit of an existential crisis at the moment. Work is awful, my colleagues seem to operate on a different wavelength that I can’t quite seem to catch and my motivation to be proactive seems to have gone on vacation. Sigh.

Anyway, hope you’re all having a great week! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products! x



28 thoughts on “New to my beauty stash – Sep 2016

  1. First off, I’m sorry that you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, I hope things start to settle into a calm place, I know the feeling! As for your newest additions, I’m very interested in try both the Kiehls masque and Vichy sunscreen, both have ticked off all the important boxes based off your descriptions! Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you’re having a great day so far!




  2. Thank you for sharing your reviews! I quite like Toni & Guy as a brand, they offer some nice products. Never tried their hair masks but I know what you mean about masks weighing your hair down – I get the same thing, which is why I don’t tend to use them that often. I hope work gets better for you soon, having a full time job that I hate myself I can definitely relate to what you’ve said. Just remember, a job is just a job, there is so much more to life than that so don’t let it get to you, hun. ❤


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    1. ah thank you so much for your lovely comment, Kay 🙂 I like toni and guy too, i havent tried a single product from them that hasnt worked for me x


  3. Heyy!! I got the BBlunt curls serum too 🙂 I’ve got natural curls and this product works beautifully on them. It sort of seals in the curls so they retain their shape and become ‘crunchier’ as my hair dries. But I wouldn’t use it often, ‘cos it leaves a really bad ‘chemical’ smell and doesn’t do well on day 2 of hair wash.

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  4. I want to try the Kiehl’s mask too since it has haldi but I need to use up my current stash!
    We don’t really look too much into it (I know I didn’t) while applying for jobs but the people we work with and the overall culture matters so much for productivity. Are you going for your MBA soon though?


    1. try the Kiehl’s mask, it’s quite nice. they have a 28 ml version that you can try out, thats what i did too.
      corporate culture is so awful, i feel like it cant get any worse but i know i’m wrong.. no roughly 1.5 years to go :/


  5. I need to try sunscreens from Vichy. It’s a brand that has suited my skin so well and I need to explore more products from their range.


  6. Thanks for the review Aditi. Totally agree with the idea of using the things you buy. Would love for you to pop by and say hi when you get a chance! 🙂


    1. your comment made me laugh, you’re SO right it really has no solution hahaha i know i’m going to go buy something new this weekend too, i’ll just never learn 😀 i’ll try doing posts on both of those products x


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