Product Empties | Vol. 1

I’ve been MIA for the longest time, I know. And I’m not sure I have any excuses. Let me see. My last post was roughly two weeks ago. Since then, our Prime Minister declared 500 and 1000 rupee notes as no longer legal tender, Donald Trump was elected US president, I finally took the plunge and placed a FeelUnique order, our cook is on holiday for two weeks and since I am hopeless in the kitchen I’ve been surviving mostly on pizza and maggi noodles. (I swear I’ll learn how to cook, I just need time.) Though I haven’t been particularly busy, I’ve been suffering from a mild form of bloggers’ block. This morning I was just starting to do my brows, and I realized that the spoolie on my Benefit Gimme Brow was running very low on product. As someone who’s only ever managed to finish Bioderma, I thought this was quite an achievement, and so here is my first ever Empties post!


Of course Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O micellar water had to make it to this list. This is my fourth bottle this year (two of them have been the smaller bottles though!) I love this for removing my makeup and I would absolutely repurchase – in fact I always keep a backup of this on hand, which I’ll now be breaking out!

I raved about Batiste dry shampoo in my last post, and I’ve been using this one and the Divine Dark one in rotation. I prefer the Divine Dark (or brunette) version though, so I’d probably be repurchasing that one instead of this. However, except for the occasional white residue, this one checked all the boxes for me.

Soap & Glory’s Righteous Butter was my first Sephora India purchase and it was quite a while ago – I can’t remember when exactly. I really love this body butter – it’s formulated for very dry skin so it’s very moisturizing and I can still feel it on my skin in the morning especially when I’m taking a shower and I apply soap or shower gel, you know? There are two reasons it’s taken me this long to finish this: one – I’m SO lazy when it comes to moisturizing my body. I don’t know why. I have a proper night time routine for my face but when it comes to arms and legs I just cannot be bothered. And two – this body butter is quite heavily scented and don’t get me wrong it’s a lovely scent but I fluctuate in my preferences for fragrance throughout the year and some months I just felt it was too strong and perfume-y. I don’t think I’d repurchase this only because there are so many body butters out there I want to try! I really like the Royal Jelly line from M&S and they had a night cream I used to use as a body cream sometimes because I liked the scent so much. I think I may pick that one up again, it’s a great scent for the colder months.


I spoke of the Vichy Ideal Soliel sunscreen in one of my earlier posts and though I started out liking it, I don’t think I got along with it very much towards the end. It leaves a definite white cast and sometimes can flake on my skin. I’m a foundation rookie and a concealer n00b so I can’t afford for my sunscreen to get in the way and botch things up when I already don’t know what the hell I’m doing. This just wasn’t as effortless as I’d have liked it to be. Definitely not repurchasing this one.

Onto the catalyst of this post then – the Benefit Gimme Brow. I’ve been using this every single day over the past 5 months in conjunction with my Maybelline Brow Shaper (which will feature in my next empties!) and though I adore it, I’ve already purchased the Essence Make Me Brow as a replacement. The Essence brow gel is said to be a dupe of the Gimme Brow (and is one-SEVENTH the price) so hopefully I’ll like it so I won’t have to hurt my bank account as much. Aside from the price, I can’t fault the Gimme Brow in the least and I know I’ll go back to it sometime in the near future.

If you remember when I mentioned this mascara you’ll know that I use my mascaras for more than three months 😛 I typically use them for around 4-6 months ish or until they run out, whichever is sooner. The L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara has been my staple everyday mascara. Some would say it’s a bit too dramatic for work but I like fluttery lashes so I really loved using this. The only reason I won’t repurchase this is because there are SO many mascaras I want to try and so little time! I also have the Benefit They’re Real and the Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara waiting to be used up so it’s a bit of a stall in the mascara department for now. I also want to try the Lash Sensational by Maybelline though. Maybe I’ll just buy it and keep it aside? Hah like that’ll ever work.


That’s all for my empties! I know it wasn’t much but the next one will be meatier! I’m on the brink of using up tons of bath and body stuff as well so come back soon for a part 2 😀 I hope you liked this post and that you all are doing well, and I’d love to know what you’ve been up to! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Product Empties | Vol. 1

  1. Thinking of finally buying the bioderma makeup remover, I’m always confused about this one since it is quite expensive! I love the maybelline makeup remover for my eyes and lips, since I don’t really use anything except a sunscreen on daily basis! Great post! You write really well!


    1. yeah i think its a marketing tactic as far as mascara goes.. and yes we do have a cook! it’s quite common to have a cook here among ppl fresh out of college who have just started working. i really want to learn how to cook, i keep putting it off because i’m terrified that i’ll spend ages chopping, peeling, frying etc etc and what i end up with finally wont be edible -_- i do occasionally serve up a decent plate of pasta though! 😀


  2. Hey, loved your blog.. I’m also quite lazy when it comes to moisturizing my whole body.. 😅
    The empties are definitely one of my favourite topic to talk about.. p.s. u got a new follower hehe 😊😊


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