Shades of Pink + CaseApp Collaboration

I always feel like it’s a personal failure when a product that so many bloggers rave about as Holy Grail doesn’t work for me. I popped into Kiehl’s recently and happened to ask for a sample of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which has been sitting in my Nykaa wishlist since ages and would have eventually made it to my bag. First off, I really love the scent of it – it’s so therapeutic and I felt like I actually helped me sleep better. But I’ve used it three days and I have three new pimples on my face, which I think is one too many to ignore. I have sensitive, acne-prone skin and I do try to avoid oils as such because they tend to aggravate my pores. I wish I could explain this away to stress or another product but the timing has coincided perfectly with just the MRC. Funnily enough I didn’t think my skin looked remarkably different either – the way everyone says that the difference is noticeable? But yeah, like I said, I felt like I’d let the beauty community down by not getting on with the MRC. I’d like to give it a try some other time in future but for now it looks like we haven’t gotten off to a great start.

CaseApp Review - iPhone Tough Case
CaseApp Review – iPhone Tough Case


Anyway, I wanted to do a post on my collaboration with CaseApp, a fabulous Swedish company that do customized phone cases and skins. I’ve been using the custom iPhone 6s tough case*. The tough case is different from the regular ones in that it has a shock-absorbent protective layer for your phone, and then over it there is the usual phone cover. I chose the tough case because I only recently got my first ever iPhone and I feel like I’m holding a piece of crystal so the case makes me breathe a bit easier.

CaseApp Review - iPhone Tough Case
CaseApp Review – iPhone Tough Case

I saw this case design on CaseApp’s About page and fell in love with the beautiful artistic carnations. There is something about this print that’s so vintage and classic; I knew immediately that this was the print I wanted on my case. I love the colours on this – the off-white and hues of pink are right up my alley. Using the website to customize your case is super easy, as is placing your order. I received my case in two weeks and wasn’t charged any customs duty. I’ve been using it for over a month now and there are no scratches and no fading. To say that I’m absolutely delighted with how my case turned out is an understatement. It looks chic and well-made and it fits my phone perfectly and I love that it’s so personal as well.


Staying with the theme of pinks, I also wanted to quickly talk about two of the new additions to my erstwhile non-existent blush collection. If you follow me on twitter you’d have seen me whining about my spending five grand on blushes on a whim. I honestly don’t know what happened, just that I had a few blushes saved in my notes on my phone from YouTube videos, and I happened to go to MAC and Sephora last weekend. The rest is history, but why I picked up MAC Melba and Benefit’s Rockateur within an hour of each other – when they’re supposed to be 89% similar dupes on Temptalia – I will never know. They’re both peachy-pink blushes, but in my defense, one is shimmery and the other is matte. So it makes sense. Right? Right.

Benefit Rockateur vs MAC Melba
Benefit Rockateur vs MAC Melba



Benefit Rockateur Blush
MAC Melba Blush

In other news, I’m flying to Delhi tomorrow for my cousin’s wedding. I’m not much of a fan of weddings so I’m slightly dreading the whole thing. I’m a bit awkward around extended family and I think it’s a form of social anxiety but I feel weirdly uncomfortable with small talk etc etc. But hopefully it’ll be fun. Plus I get to overdo the makeup so that’s something!

I know I’ve been so irregular here with this blog but I do intend to have some more posts up this month. I’d love for you guys to let me know in the comments – how’s the run up to Christmas and New Year looking so far?

Have a great week!




23 thoughts on “Shades of Pink + CaseApp Collaboration

  1. I too heard amazing reviews of MRC everywhere and was planning to get it. But now am hesitating coz of your experience as my skin too is not good with oils. Great post by the way. I too dread weddings and small talks . We are so similar 🙂


    1. i know, i’m so disappointed! maybe its oils plus a bad hormone phase.. either way i’m scared to give it another go but i think i will because i was so excited about it! glad you liked the post Archana 🙂


  2. What a cute phone case! I know the feeling of a first ever iPhone. I had mine in a very thick case as well when I got it last year. Now 1 year later I´m way more relaxed about it all. I like thinner cases that go around the edges of my phone as I think those make it look more sleek while giving it enough protection. Also a there are protective foils for your screen made out of bulletproof glass, those have been a lifesaver for me!
    xx Lisa

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    1. do you mean the tempered glass ones? i have those on my phone in addition to the case -_-‘ haha! i think i’ll slowly get used to it though and relax a bit xo


  3. Aditi.. Can I just tell every pic on this post took my breath away.. The case, the blush.. oh so pretty!! And with Kiehl’s MRC, my first impression was also not any different from yours, but I did give in and purchase the full size.. It does take a lot of days to show any improvements on the skin but it is definitely an over hyped product 😦


  4. I’ve seen quite a few bloggers talk about CaseApp recently, and it looks fab! I really like your phone case design, it’s so feminine and cute, and definietly looks like something I’d go for myself. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, hun, and I hope that you have a lovely time at the wedding! I know what you mean about anxiety because I experience the exact same thing, but I hope you have a good time nonetheless. xoxo



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