Hi there and welcome to my blog! I’m Aditi and I’m a 24 year old currently living in Mumbai, India. This blog is an outlet for anything and everything I find worth sharing, be it every day experiences to hobbies to interests and even the occasional rant.

You’ll notice that there’s a fair amount of talk on clothes, lipsticks, skincare, haircare etc etc here. That’s because I recently discovered the world of fashion and lifestyle blogging, and although my makeup is minimal at best and my sense of style isn’t nearly as riveting as others’, I decided I wanted a piece of the action, so here I am!

I reckon my blog is and will continue to be quite a girly place and I hope you find something interesting here. Even if you’re not into fashion and aesthetics, I do tend to share my opinions and views on a wide range of subjects in my posts – from friendship and relationships to politics and TV shows and music and well… everything under the sun, so you’re more than welcome to stick around and I’m sure we’ll have something in common to talk about!

You can also find me on twitter: @lifeasaditi

For further communication or business enquiries, you can drop me an email at quaffleandsnitch @ gmail.com


Products/items labelled with a * are PR Samples that have been sent to me for review. My opinions are always honest and I would never talk about a product that I did not personally like and use.


I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it! Thanks for stopping by x


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