Revisiting New Year Resolutions

I always get contemplative on what I’ve achieved when the year has progressed far enough for the ‘months to remember’ to begin. You know those Pinterest quotes – ‘Make it a September/October/November/December to Remember’. Wait, does anyone say ‘Make it an October to Remember’? Anyway, you get my drift.



Obviously, one year is long enough to have numerous small personal achievements here and there. Traveling alone. Not losing your temper in an argument even when you know you’re right. Waking up early every day for a whole week when you’re a night owl. A technology detox. Usually for me, there is one achievement, however, that stands out every year and is reassuring in the sense that I can look back at the year and say to myself, ‘yes, that was the year I did this’. So 2014 was the year I moved to a new city for work. 2015 was the year I got into business school. Technically this year’s ‘accomplishment’ is still pending. And that’s when I thought I’d revisit my New Year resolutions for 2016.

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New to my beauty stash!

Hi there! Hope you’re all doing well. The beginning of this month was such a nightmare, I moved houses and I still feel like I’m not entirely settled, but I’m getting there. Moving was such a revelation, in more ways than one. I realized just how much stuff I have. I’m talking major, MAJOR hoarding. I was initially scarred to the point that I swore off any more shopping – clothes-wise. That resolve is slowly crumbling (linen shirts, anyone?) but let me show you what I bought WITHIN the rules – bath and beauty goodies from The Body Shop and Fabindia!

The Body Shop Rainforest Balance shampoo is an old favourite of mine. Before I get into this, here’s a quick lowdown of what my hair is like: I have naturally straight hair, which is quite fine but I have lots of it so volume at the ends is not a problem. It’s the roots which become intolerable within a day of washing (sometimes even the same day!), and the greasiness tends to wear my hair down overall. I recently got highlights but I don’t specifically buy shampoo and conditioner formulated for coloured hair, I’ll just pick up anything that promises volume.


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Where have I been? // Musings


I’ve been MIA since so long. It’s not like I’ve forgotten about my blog. In fact, I often think about posting something but I can’t bring myself to write about anything interesting. Actually, scratch that. There are tons of things I’d like to write about, just that I don’t feel they would be interesting to other people. I’ve finally given up now, and so this post is going to be very self-centered. But then aren’t all blogs centered around the writer, to some extent? And I do enjoy reading those.. so here goes nothing.

A LOT has changed since I last posted. I gave my GMAT, and I got a 760 which was surreal. I genuinely don’t know how I managed it! That was early November, and then I got around to my essays for the Indian School of Business (ISB). I gave the interview on 28th Feb and walked out feeling miserable because I thought I hadn’t done well enough to get through. So much so that I caught a kaali-peeli (cab) to High Street Phoenix, Parel (15 minutes away from ITC Grand Central where my interview was) for some retail therapy.

If you didn’t know that Sephora has opened up in Palladium, you do now! I was pleasantly surprised and felt like a little girl in a candy shop, going “oooh shiny” at pretty much everything I laid my eyes on. But it’s all SO DAMN expensive. I tested out this lip stain thing by Stila (a brand that of course I’ve heard of, what with my youtube obsession) that looked nice but when I asked for the price it was 1800 INR. Sigh. The salesgirl would’ve laughed at me under ordinary circumstances but I was suited up (on a Sunday) thanks to my interview, so she was pretty nice to me, haha! Anyway, I decided to stick with a cute Soap ‘n Glory product (The Righteous Butter), since I’m an absolute sucker for things that smell nice, and made my way to the cash counter. By the way, even the aisle of doom at Sephora has stuff in the range of 600-700 INR, unless you want to pick up 30 cotton pads for 300 bucks. WHAT. Continue reading “Where have I been? // Musings”